The LTLO team at Athabasca University is excited to announce the second run of LTLO Express, our new 4-week course on the transition to online learning, designed especially for youth. This course is sponsored by Athabasca University and is offered at no charge.

You are about to make an important step in what will be a lifelong journey as a learner, moving from your familiar classroom to a new world of online learning.

This course will help you through this first leg of your journey as an online learner. It isn’t a technical course, although you will get a chance to explore online technologies within the course itself.

Instead, this course will focus on all the things nobody ever told you about online learning: what the whole experience of learning online is really like, the new kinds of relationships you’re going to with have your teacher and classmates, and how to keep yourself motivated and moving ahead down the tracks towards your goal. Moving your education online can mean adopting a whole new approach to learning, one with more independence but also more responsibilities in deciding when, where, how, and perhaps most importantly, why you’re learning online.

In the video above, you met Dr. Marti and Aaric, an artist and DJ who has experienced firsthand what you’re going through now. You’ll learn more about Aaric - he will ride along with you throughout the course. Along the way, you’ll also hear the stories of other students making the double transition through scenarios which will give you an inside look at some of the challenges and opportunities ahead of you.

So settle in and enjoy the ride - the LTLO Express is leaving the station!

LTLO Express runs from August 3 to August 30, 2020.

This four-week course builds upon our successful Learning to Learn Online (Classic) MOOC, which has been running since 2015 but has now been entirely re-written from scratch especially for youths. LTLO Express is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 21 years old, from Canada and beyond - and it is completely free, with free certificates of completion, sponsored by Athabasca University, Canada's Open University.

"MOOC" stands for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is a course built for the internet age and our connected, social network world. It is:
  • Massive: In this course, you will be learning alongside hundreds of other participants, joining in fast-paced discussions with new friends from next-door and from around the world.
  • Open: Anyone (within the 14-21 age range) can take this course. There are no pre-requisites, and you can join any time between now and the end of the course.
  • Online: How better to learn about online learning?
  • ... and a Course: It is structured and supported by a team of facilitators, to help you learn how to learn online in a clear and organized way.

Course Instructor

Dr. Marti is a Professor and Chair in the Centre of Distance Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Athabasca University, where she is heavily involved in the research and practice of blended and online teaching and learning. She holds a PhD in Education with a concentration in education and the social world. She joined Athabasca University in 2001 and teaches leadership, blended and online teaching and learning, and MOOC design and delivery.

Course Inspirer

Dan has over fifteen years' experience as a senior high school instructor in English and Media Arts in the BC Distance Education School system. As course Inspirer and lead facilitator for LTLO, he will be your guide through this MOOC. Dan is a doctoral student in distance education at Athabasca University and is a developer and research assistant for the Centre for Distance Education, where he is involved in the design, development, and analysis of several MOOCs and other educational initiatives.

... and our dedicated facilitation team of online education specialists.